A curated collection of financial disruptors for the informed investor

About Investorjar

We share a deep passion for finance and technology and want to share this passion with the rest of the world – which is why we have curated InvestorJar. There are amazing financial tools & resources surfacing everyday – constantly disrupting the status quo of traditional financial services, ultimately leading to a better outcome for consumers. With this in mind we were inspired to put together InvestorJar with the aim of making it convinient for you to identify, compare and determine the right tools & resources to meet your financial needs.

Why does InvestorJar exist?
To provide an elegant stack of resources for those looking to explore the vast financial tools & resources that are available online.

Who should use it?
Anyone that is planning their future investments or looking at alternative disruptive tools & resources to facilitate investment decisions.

Why should you use it?
To make informed investment decisions by:
·Giving consideration for each category as part of your decision making process
·Comparing different tools within each category to identify the right ones for you

Where the content come from?
We follow the industry vigilantly, discovering tools from the news, blogs, publications and word of mouth. If you would like to notify us of a great addition to any Category Click Here.

How did we organise out content?
We were inspired by StartupStash – the ease and simplicity of the way Bram Kanstein organised content is pretty awesome. Check it out!

Are the tools and resources ranked?
No – user may value different aspects of the tools & resources we have listed. As such, we aim to be as objective as we can, allowing the user to determine which tools & resources would be the best fit for their needs.

What to say Hi?
Reach out to us if you would like to share your thoughts on InvestorJar or just want to say hi – hello@investorjar.com 🙂

Kevin & Haseem